Many Thanks

When I first started filming my videos for my minimalism journey, it was just for me. My own personal pet project – a way for me to hold myself accountable. You see, STARTING was never the issue for me. FINISHING was. When I committed myself to going through my entire life’s possessions, I knew I needed a little extra kick if I was going to get through it all.

So “Messy Minimalist” was formed, my YouTube channel and eventually my blog. And everyone watching was my personal accountability coach. Then, after a couple months, a thought struck me: While I was something out of my viewers (aka my accountability coaches), they were also getting something from me! In exchange for the accountability I so craved, I was providing them with inspiration, motivation, and entertainment!

But as fun as making videos and blogging is (and believe me, it’s great!), the time that goes into each piece of content was rivaling that of a part-time job, sometimes more.

So I was, and still am, at a crossroads: Continue to make content for free, because I love doing it (and go broke in the process) – Or find a way to monetize my efforts. Finally, after much deliberation, I started a Patreon page, which is an online community where I offer some extra content (and early video access) in exchange for $1+/month contributions.

And while it doesn’t fully ‘fund the operation’ – every little bit helps give me the ability to continue producing content. My Patron’s support means the world to me.

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THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. (and from the top, middle, and sides of my heart!).

Even $1/month helps me to continue making videos and creating other content. You are greatly appreciated. And I give an extra special thanks to those of you who have joined the ‘Messy Minimalist Club’ by contributing $5 or more a month:

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